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Large Penis Party shut down

Large Penis Party shut down

Unfortunately Tumblr deleted my account so Large Penis Party,,  is no longer the most famous big cock blog to be found at the net… I feel sorry for the almost 13.000 followers but shit happens… Thanks for following!

The reason according to Tumblr is that affiliate marketing is against their rules, ok, fair enough, it’s in their TOS so end of the story. I put ads up on my sites to make some money as simple as that. I work daily behind my computer and i like to see something in return, submissions of big hot cocks are great but they do not pay my hosting and other bills. Case closed.

I want Big Cock John to become the new Large Penis Party, i’m gonna post daily, starting tomorrow, i also redesigned the site a bit. The posts will not be only from amateurs anymore but you’ll understand that. Large Penis Party was a good mix of amateur submissions and pictures i found at the net, it was truly a great blog… Big Cock John will be a great successor.

Please submit your big cock pictures, share Big Cock John on your favorite social media and spread the word. Put links up on your blogs and let the internet know that Large Penis Party will be back here at Big Cock John!

Thanks Alex

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